I still see some pretty awful Tumblr posts and users

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Fandoms Animal Crossing New Horizons Items on Twitter are just a whole other level, even on Tumblr there are fairly rotten chooses but after some time the fandom will poke fun of it, on Twitter they just recycle the same bullcrap repeatedly again

I still see some pretty awful Tumblr posts and users, but I believe there are enough rational people to drown them out (at least to some extent, anyway).You forgot to mention: this is because Edelgard is bisexual and can be romanced by both the male and female player character, whereas Dimitri can simply be romanced by the feminine PC.

Good point. And that's another problem with 3H: it's really weird about that which characters are bi. Catherine and Shamir are pretty clearly a few, but both are just straight alternatives for your player. Petra and Dorothea's ending is pretty clearly romantic, yet only Dorothea is actually bi so far as the player is concerned. And Claude is not into dudes, which makes no sense, since if you asked me before I finished the game which character is bisexual, he'd be my first guess.

Disappointing but not that weird tbh, Catherine and Shamir simply need every other. Dorothea's into a few female characters however as evidenced by her supports together, even if the majority of them do not lead anywhere.In games, like in life, there are sometimes people who simply are not into you, specifically, and that's alright.

It is not that Petra can't date the player - everyone who isn't married is available for straight players. Petra can only ONLY date the man Main Character even though she is capable of liking girls.For men and women who aren't familiar with 3H, this logic is extra strength stupid bc you wouldn't know one of these things about the characters once you select your route essentially at the very beginning of the match until you get to know any of these characters. Siding with Edelgard in the very beginning of the game locks you from having the ability to romance Dimitri and vice versa. So if you are playing blind, do not understand animal crossing new horizons items what's about to happen, and select one at random... sorry, but ur a homophobe/ableist bit of shit